February 29, 2024

I’ll admit, I love ski gear. There is no good reason why, it’s outrageously expensive, the options are seemingly endless and the boots, why are they so uncomfortable! But the gear to me just adds to the already ridiculous sport of skiing, and I spend a good deal of time with skis on my feet so why not have a little fun with it. Sharing a few favorite items from this winter with you all here… while none of this gear is revolutionary, it’s made a ski season with a 18 month old relatively easy and quite fun. As always, if you have questions on gear, looking for a gift recommendation or just want to geek out on products we’re always here for it!


Yardsale Magnetic Ski Pole

This is one of those pieces of gear that you didn’t know you need, but now cannot live without. Ski poles that magnet together? Yes please. How many times have you done that awkward juggle of trying to carry anything else in your hands while also juggling two skis and two poles… here is your solution.


Heated Boot Bag

We’ve shared our adoration for the heated boot bag before, but have you tried one yet? They’re pretty life changing. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to put on your cold stiff ski boots.

Baby Pit Vipers

Laugh all you want, but these things rule. A family friend gifted them to our son, Jack, and he adores them. They keep his eyes protected on outdoor adventures and not to mention he looks hysterical in them.

Trail Creek Glove

I’ve been doing a lot of nordic skiing this winter and these gloves are the perfect lightweight, warm and wind-stopper accessory for adventures. Don’t forget – CHARK20 for 20% of anything from stio.com

Child Carrier Backpack

While this may not be your traditional piece of ski gear I’ve found it to be an essential item to get skis on feet with a baby. Our son Jack has been in this backpack since he was six months old and it’s such a great way to get outside as a family. Pro tip, get your baby a pair of goggles so they’re used to them from a super young age and aren’t bothered by the wind in their eyes on the way down!

conSKIerge co-founder

Charlotte Miller caught the ski bug early from her dad. An avid skier and gearhead, Charlotte claims Sugarbush, Vermont and Alta/Snowbird, Utah as her home mountains. In addition, she has explored many other resorts throughout North America and northern Japan. Despite having a job in the corporate world, she skis 40+ days a year. She is an Ambassador for Atomic. Warning – while she loves to share her love for the mountains with others, don’t try to keep up with her on the hill – it won’t end well.