November 9, 2021

Sharing a collection of our favorite recent ski shorts to get you pumped for the season ahead. Enjoy!


Across America there are resorts that you’ve likely never heard of. These resorts are not owned by Vail, Alterra or Powdr, they are owned by independent individuals and families with a fiercely loyal local population of skiers. In Pursuit of Soul features 12 of these resorts from across the country that take it back to basics with an authentic culture and common love for the sport of skiing.

Trailer embedded below and the complete film can be found here – In Pursuit of Soul. In addition, shorter episodes on each independent mountain featured can be found here – In Pursuit of Soul, Mountain Shorts.

A film by Teton Gravity Research

Day Tripper – A New England Ski Film is the story of an adventure starting in the early morning from Portland, Maine with three simple goals: 1) Ski as much as possible 2) See as much as possible 3) Get home before bedtime.

A film by Eastern Adventure

Open Doors featuring Megan Dingman and Rachael Burks – while they may be a generation apart they both love skiing that Utah powder, especially after 60 hours of interlodge!

A film by Zach Coury

Holy sh*t. Markus Eder’s The Ultimate Run does not disappoint. Filmed over the course of two years in a total of 90 days on skis, Eder’s dream run has it all and is truly mesmerizing (and slightly terrifying) to watch.

A film by Red Bull Snow

Denizens of the Steep featuring Kim Havell, a ski mountaineer and guide living in Wyoming, explores the popularity of backcountry skiing in Grand Teton National Park and the affect this has had on the bighorn sheep population.

A film by Orijin Media
conSKIerge co-founder

Charlotte Miller caught the ski bug early from her dad. An avid skier and gearhead, Charlotte claims Sugarbush, Vermont and Alta/Snowbird, Utah as her home mountains. In addition, she has explored many other resorts throughout North America and northern Japan. Despite having a job in the corporate world, she skis 40+ days a year. She is an Ambassador for Atomic. Warning – while she loves to share her love for the mountains with others, don’t try to keep up with her on the hill – it won’t end well.