As much as we LOVE skiing, you many have noticed we don’t post during the “off” season. Yes, we do think that “off” is the appropriate word given that when you can’t ski something is indeed “off.”  And, yes, we do have a winter pic as our screen saver all year, and we definitely have been known to think about our insane powder days while on the beach. But let’s be realistic, for most of us the North American ski season is December through mid-April (and unfortunately, shrinking) if we are lucky. So we have made the decision long ago not to bug you when a ski area builds a bike terrain park or extends their snowmaking system 100 feet during that “off” season. (One of our next articles will, however, highlight the biggest developments in the ski industry since the spring melt.)

The arrival of the ski season excites us for the obvious reason, for it is after all by far our favorite activity. This is also the time we reflect on what conSKIerge is and what we want it to become. We launched this wacky idea because we love talking, writing about, breathing skiing and the mountains that so graciously allow us to keep them company in the cold, wind and snow. We write and hopefully a few of you read. But frankly, the talking part hasn’t worked out as well as we have hoped. We have been lucky enough to ski much of North America – the US and Canada. And we would love to help more people think about where to adventure to next. Is the “Powder Highway” in British Columbia which is composed of smaller “off road” areas  something that will speak to you or are the sweet groomers of Sun Valley followed by a massage and fancy dinner at the Sun Valley Lodge going to fix what ails you?

So here is our ask – if you want some help thinking about where to go next and where to stay then damn it – reach out. You can use the form on our website or contact either one of us directly – Kevin at Don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger.

And since we are being greedy and asking of you we will leave you for now with the following request. Spread the word. Tell people about this crazy father/daughter duo that writes about the sport and loves to talk about it.

Be well; Ski well

conSKIerge co-founder

Kevin Dennis is a life long ski bum with a 34 year legal career on the side. Now retired, he skis 80+ days a year. While he lives in Alta UT in the winters, he has traveled extensively through skiing and has skied almost every major resort in North America (and many you have never heard of). He continues to hit the road often throughout the western United States and Canada and trips over the last several years have included ventures in British Columbia, Montana and Colorado. Whether you want to know about the behemoths like Aspen or Squaw or are interested in the road less travelled (Lost Trail Powder Mountain in Montana or Whitewater in BC anyone?), Kevin has been there, has an opinion and you will most likely have to tell him to shut up after a half hour!