Industry Updates

Tragedy in Alaska

March 29, 2021 Heli-skiing is intended to be the thrill of a lifetime. On Saturday evening, an exhilarating day turned tragic when a helicopter from Tordrillo Mountain Lodge crashed killing five of the six passengers aboard. Among the deceased were Alaskan heli-skiing pioneer, Greg Harms, the Czech Republic’s wealthiest person, Petr Kellner, Benjamin Larochaix (also […]

Spring Skiing Update

March 28, 2021 Arapahoe Basin – Covid Lessons – We at conSKierge have been wondering what from the Covid era will survive in the ski industry. The iconic Colorado ski area, Arapahoe Basin, is giving us some indication. Two years ago Arapahoe bailed on the Epic pass after its die hard local crowd screamed about […]


March 23, 2021 How many times is there no street sign and you can’t tell your buddy what corner you are on? Or you are at a concert or outdoor event and you have agreed to connect with others at the place that serves sandwiches only to discover there are 4 such places?! Or worse […]

Avalanches, yes more avalanches

March 15, 2021 Avalanches – tired of that word yet? Yes, folks, it has been a big year for these puppies, with disastrous consequences. Excuse the phrase, but it has been a perfect storm.  Covid fears have pushed people away from lift lines, ski lodging and $15 burgers. And the North American snow gods have […]

The latest from the ski world

February 23, 2021 Despite fears that this winter would be a disaster for the ski industry given the damn virus, the season has settled into a nice rhythm. The northeast and much of the west (except for the northwest and BC) had a slow start primarily due to mother nature not coming through with enough […]

Covid Update #4

Photo NY Magazine, David Zalubowski/AP/Shutterstock February 15, 2021 You don’t need us to tell you the damn virus is still with us. And surprise surprise, the ski industry continues to struggle with it. The good news is that generally we have been able to avoid large outbreaks such as the ones that closed the resorts […]

Avalanches - A Week in Reflection

Avalanche that caught and killed three skiers in southern Colorado (photo from Colorado Avalanche Information Center) UPDATE February 8, 20201 Since writing my original post I, unfortunately, have a few additions to the below tragedies which we shared on February 5th.  This includes one in our own backyard here in the Wasatch that has truthfully […]

Getting Angry Out There

February 1, 2021 While we like to think of our sport as serene and peaceful, every once in a while there is some anger out there. Sharing odds and ends in ski news you may have missed from this past week. California Snowstorm – as predicted (see our article CA Mother of All Storms) this […]

CA Mother of All Storms

Up on the Rooftop: Deep Snow at Meyers, South Lake Tahoe, April 1969  (Photo Credit: Mark McLaughlin) January 6, 2021 At first we thought it was a typo! In checking the weather predictions and ski reports for the week, Mammoth in southern CA was slated to get 110 inches. But there it was – a […]