Industry Updates

Skiing in the Age of the Damn Virus - I.E., Buy that Sprinter Van!

December 2, 2020 Unfortunately, skiing (like everything else in life right now) will be impacted by COVID-19. Good news – we know of no major lift-served ski area in North America that will not open this year. Bad news – every aspect of your skiing experience is most likely to be impacted this winter by […]

France, Germany & Italy VS. Austria & Switzerland

November 30, 2020 We at conSKIerge are generally optimists, particularly when it comes to skiing.  But we have to admit, there is stunning news out of Europe. While we are anxious about this ski season, we are convinced that done with care we can ski despite Covid. In theory, it should be the perfect sport […]

Vermont/4 Midweek Days/$189/Yes!

Two choices: Door #1 – ski Vail for one day or Door #2 – ski 4 midweek days in Vermont for almost the same price. Yeah, yeah, we know some of you will say Vail conditions are bound to be better so it’s an unfair comparison. But let’s talk this through. Yes, Vail conditions can […]

State Covid Restrictions Start to Impact Industry

Warning – there should be a question mark after the Ski Vermont logo! Yeah, Yeah we know our recent updates have not been very cheery, but we believe in truth rather than fake news. And no, we do not have any sway over the current resident of the White House. So now for the ski […]

Areas Start to Push Back Opening Day Due to Covid Concerns

November 15, 2020 We here at conSKIerge have been assuming (hoping?) that there will be a ski season despite Covid. While we are still convinced (hoping?) that is the case, we are starting to see some cracks in that assumption. Winter Park had previously announced that they would open on Wednesday November 18. Citing that […]

Another Indication this is a Weird Year - Parking Reservations

The indications that this will not be a normal year for the ski industry are numerous. Despite that, we will admit we were a tad shocked when one of our home resorts announced that if you want to park your vehicle at the resort you will need a prior reservation. Snowbird has announced that if […]

Is This the Year you Buy a Pass?

Wading into the world of ski ticket/pass pricing and recommendations is potentially perilous. It is confusing and can drive one to dig too deeply into that bottle of red wine. But we like our red wine, so here goes. In conversations over the years with millions (ok, not millions but lots) of skiers, we have […]

Mad River (Yep Mad River) to Limit Season Pass Sales

Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, 2020 just did! The eastern ICON Mad River Glen has announced pass sales will end as of October 15th. We had thought Mad River was ahead of its time – while other areas struggle with how to space people out on their chairlifts, Mad River has one […]

Jay Peak to Refund Canadian Pass Holders

On March 20,2020 the US/Canadian border closed to all non-essential travel due to the Covid-19 (how tired of that phrase are you!?!?) outbreak. Given the high quality of ski terrain in Canada, much of the ski related traffic across the border goes from the US to Canada, but there is one major exception to this […]