Industry Updates

Staffing Shortages Slam Ski Resorts

Is the person loading your lift the one usually cooking your eggs? Is that the reason there were no eggs for breakfast at your ski lodge? Is your favorite chairlift not open yet this season despite there being 3 feet of settled snow sitting on each chair? And most worrisome, how long has the ski […]

Snow? Yes, It Exists!

December 22, 2021 On December 7th we published an article entitled Snow! Where art thou?. For you history buffs see Snow! Where Art Thou? As of that date 99 % of North America was brown instead of white. Well, well…what a difference a week and a half can make! Starting around December 10th, the North American […]

Snow! Where art thou?

December 7, 2021 After some promising early season (ok, pre-season) snowfalls, particularly out west, most of ski country is looking very brown. We were especially struck by this as we watched the giant slaloms and downhill races from Vail this last weekend. (Yes, folks we are probably 1 of the 10 people in the country […]

Covid - Winter 21/22

November 30, 2021 First a reminder – if you want help planning a trip or just want thoughts on areas/resorts you are thinking about for this winter then get in touch with us! The weekend of March 14/15, 2020 will forever regrettably be a memorable one in the ski industry. Going into that weekend […]

The Ultimate Pass Tracker

September 20, 2021 Summer is officially behind us and ski season is rapidly approaching. The ultimate question is now front of mind, have you bought a pass for the upcoming winter? If the answer is no, have no fear, The Storm Skiing Journal has done what many hope and dream for and put together a […]

You Know You Are Going Skiing Next Year - Buy That Pass Now!

May 10, 2021 As this ski season winds down, our thoughts turn to spring and summer activities. Oh wait! Lets try that again. As this ski season winds down, our thoughts turn to NEXT SKI SEASON!! Whew. We got it right this time. While we all have other activities that bring us joy (what did […]

Final Spring Update

April 15, 2021 Covid – NOT – Well we are feeling pretty good about the season!  Most ski resorts across North America have remained open for the duration until their planned closing dates. The exception is some resorts in British Columbia. The government in British Columbia closed Whistler/Blackcomb and several other BC resorts closed due […]

Breaking News - Vail Resorts Sold

April 1, 2021 In an announcement that has truly shaken the global ski industry, Vail Resorts has announced that it has been purchased by Donald J. Trump. In his first announcement since becoming Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and the Best President of Vail Resorts the company has ever seen, Mr. Trump stated “This […]

We Almost Made It - BC Resorts Close

March 31, 2020 Ever since the hammer came down on the 19-20 ski season last March 13/14 we have feared it would happen again. Indeed we have had some hiccups. CA skier visits were hammered early season by severe lodging restrictions during the December holiday season. VT imposed very restrictive travel conditions that imposed mandatory […]